Hello, my name is Jason. I'm a Software Engineer. I love building things.


I'm a Software Engineer with over 12 years' of experience. I've worked on a variety of web applications, which a main focus on backend development, but nearly always working in some kind of full-stack capacity. Some of the kind of things I've done:

  • High traffic APIs
  • Government-level, public-facing authentication systems
  • Martech: messaging platforms, analytics, personalisation
  • Fintech customer lifecycle management
  • Terraform-driven infrastructure provisioning
  • Mobile apps
  • Billing systems
  • Website and CMS builds

I'm used to working with stakeholders at all levels to drive requirements gathering and deliver working and useful systems. I really do love building things, and as much as I savour the challenge of technical complexity, nothing beats the joy of shipping something that works & works well.

I've worked for a number of businesses in different capacities such as a fully remote freelancer, full-time employee and contractor, and I'm always striving to find the next interesting problem I can help solve.

Currently, I'm specifically looking for freelance, contracting or founding opportunities, so if you want to reach out about something that you think might pique my interest then get in touch below.


Test-Driven Development: Big fan for maintenance or adding well-defined features.

Agile: Worked in scrum-like environments for several years & I love an MVP-driven approach. Retrospectives are the best as it’s all about improving to suit the ever-changing environment.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery: Test all the things, deploy daily. Confident, automated deployment systems with zero-error reporting is the dream and delivering code to live in the smallest possible chunk (feature flags are ace!) is a great way of doing it.

Automate all the things: Infrastructure is code. All testing is code. Codify all the things to ensure repeatability.

  • Current Language Focus: Python & Typescript (Frontend & Backend).
  • Devops: Bash, K8s, AWS & Terraform.
  • Relational DBs: PostgreSQL & MySQL.
  • NoSQL DBs: MongoDB, DynamoDB & REDIS.
  • Supporting Languages: PHP, Ruby & Java.
  • Python: Django & Flask.
  • Java: Spring Boot.
  • BE JavaScript: Express & HapiJS.
  • FE JavaScript: Svelte & React.
  • Mobile: React Native.

After 5 years in Singapore I'm currently a little nomadic whilst I find a new home. Check below for something up-to-date(ish):

Currently: Manchester, UK
Usually: UK, Europe
Sometimes: Southeast Asia, GMT+7/GMT+8